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Forgive and Forget?

Why denial makes therapy seem harder than it is.

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Huge heart, big stress

Are you a smart woman with a huge heart, but struggle with stress, anxiety or depression?

Whether you’re craving greater intimacy with your partner or greater success in your profession, you want to learn how to advocate for yourself. You want to fearlessly bring your loving leadership into the world.

I can help. Working with me, you’ll experience body-centered, grounded ways to help you unearth what keeps you from knowing what you want, expressing what you want — and getting what you want!

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I offer psychotherapy, relationship coaching, and intuitive healing services. My clients work through Good Girl issues such as codependent relationships, people-pleasing, and life transitions. I offer sessions in my office in the Eastlake neighborhood near downtown Seattle and via video sessions.


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How Quickly Can You Hit the Wall?

How Quickly Can You Hit the Wall?

Sometimes my job is to help people hit the Wall of Futility with both more expediency and compassion than they would on their own. Hitting the Wall of Futility (an expression I first read in an amazing book called “Parenting Without Power Struggles“) is a...

Crowd Funding for the Paperback

I want this book in YOUR hands. Last December, I successfully launched the Kindle version of my book "Woman Overboard!" It went on to be downloaded over 5,000 times and become an Amazon Kindle Best-seller. I started hearing from people how this book helped them get clear on why it was okay for them to advocate for themselves. They frequently told me, "I'm going to read it again, more slowly, and fill out the workbook so I can have that hard talk I used to dread. But now I know I can do it!" ( Continue Reading Here )

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